Interior Alignment is a practice, founded by Denise Linn, world-renowned healer, lecturer, and author of the bestseller Sacred Space, that utilizes native concepts from all over the world to help foster balanced and healthy surroundings through the power of nature and the energies that surround us. As Practitioners, we utilize this energy to empower your space and in turn help support your life’s goals!

We all have an energetic connection to our home. The practice of Interior Alignment allows us to utilize certain methods , such as Synchro-Alignment ,  Instinctive Feng Shui.  Seven Star Blessing Space Clearing and other Healthy Home Concepts in order to strengthen this connection and understand what our clients need. We honor and bring together ancient knowledge with contemporary practices of interior design and the power of intention.

Instinctive Feng Shui™  utilizes the concepts of geometry. color, sounds, symbolism, shapes, and scent plus the ideas of how energy moves through a space. We look at what causes the energy to move in certain ways and what causes it to get stuck,  We evaluate how each condition affects those who occupy that space and what we can do to help shift the energies to provide a more balanced and nurturing environment.

Seven Star Blessing Space Clearing™ is the process of shifting and removing stagnant energy forces from a space.  We work with the traditions of past and ancient ceremonies to help assist the process.

In implementing both of these practices, we use a guided visualization process called Synchro-Alignment™ to connect you their own wisdom and guidance which provides for an empowering change in your home, office and life!



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